As the MCDEX ecosystem expands, we would like to invite more talented ones to join this magical journey. Please reach out to us if you are interested in the positions listed below. If you would like to join our maczombie squad, yet your skillsets do not fit in these two roles, we still welcome your self-pitch! MCDEX is waiting for YOU to show us what you’ve got.

Senior Backend R&D Engineer

  1. Responsible for developing back-end server programs for blockchain projects.
  2. Responsible for developing DApp smart contracts.
  3. Research the development of blockchain technology, continuously innovate to improve the performance of the blockchain system.
  1. More than 3 years of R&D experience in major back-end server projects.
  2. Familiar with common programming languages, such as C / Golang, and development tools such as GitHub.
  3. Understand the basic principles of blockchain and smart contracts.
  4. Good at designing and developing large-scale systems with beautiful and elegant structures.
  5. Able to continue learning and research, and have excellent team spirit.
  6. Experience in distributed systems and open source projects is preferred.

Senior frontend R&D engineer

  1. Responsible for frontend project development, technical research, and selection, architecture design, performance optimization, etc.
  2. Responsible for the management of the frontend open-source Web3 project, and output the industry’s first-class open-source project.
  3. Have the ability to lead a team, regularly summarize and share, and drive the continuous improvement of the front-end team.
  1. 3+ years of front-end development experience, able to complete front-end development work independently.
  2. Proficient in web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJs.
  3. Familiar with React / Vue / Webpack and related frameworks and technologies in the ecosystem, with independent project development experience.
  4. Proficient in Web3 development technology.
  5. Familiar with various front-end debugging tools and performance optimization, with modular programming ideas and good code habits.
  6. Experience in large open-source projects is preferred.
  7. Have a strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated, and good teamwork spirit, the pursuit of excellence.

Business Development

  1. Exploring and maintaining potential partnerships that can meet our long-term and short-term goal in terms of traders onboarding, TVL increment, general visibility, etc.
  2. Maintain well connections with our significant stakeholders, including partners, etc.
  3. Working with the team for better social media exposure, including Twitter, medium, etc.

1. Bachelor degree or above, preferably major in finance/engineering, and experience and knowledge of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and trading

2. Strong in business communication, excellent analyzing capabilities, and interpersonal skills

3. Capable of working under pressure,

4. Language skill: English

Community Manager

  1. Helping members to get familiar with the community and responding to their concerns.
  2. Acting as an example for the community members through their activities.
  3. Sharing relevant and useful information in the community.
  4. Establishing the community as a reliable source of information and a forum for transparent discussions.
  5. Keeping discussions focused on business objectives, spam-free, and non-controversial.
  6. Editing status of questions, answers and comments if required. Meaning, if the content is not following the rules of the community, a moderator has the right to delete the content.
  1. Proven work experience as a community moderator in crypto
  2. Familiarity with crypto terms and personal experience in the industry
  3. Experience launching community initiatives (e.g. building an online forum, launching an ambassador program, creating an event series, and writing an email newsletter)
  4. Ability to identify and track relevant community metrics
  5. Excellent verbal communication skills
  6. Fast learning curve
  7. Attention to detail and ability to multitask
  8. Availability to work between 2 PM UTC and 2 AM UTC (+1)

Head of Growth

1. Responsible for growth of social media not limited to, initiating marketing programs, managing daily exposure, interactions, etc
2. Developing connections with media, influencers in the space to expand branding influences
3. Working with team members to reach volume increment

1. Experienced in marketing and branding.
2. DeFi heavy user, Crypto Native.
3. Capability to work proactively and with pressure
4. Fluent in English. Prefer Native speaker

Meet our team:

Liu Jie Founder

Jean Miao Head of Marketing and co-founder

Zhu Tianchi Tech co-founder

Yang Zhao Tech co-founder

Yanjun He Tech co-founder

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