Video Tutorials — MCDEX

Connecting Your Metamask Wallet to MCDEX

Metamask Wallet —

Adding Liquidity to the AMM on MCDEX

Add Liquidity to ETH-PERP AMM —

Add Liquidity to LINK-PERP AMM —

Add Liquidity to SNX-PERP AMM —

Add Liquidity to COMP-PERP AMM —

Add Liquidity to LEND-PERP AMM —

Trading Against The AMM on MCDEX

Get Started —

Adding Liquidity on Uniswap (MCB/ETH)

Get Started —

Trading the TRUMP Futures Contract

TRUMP Futures Contract on MCDEX —


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Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - $ETH $LINK $SNX $COMP $LEND

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