Trading Mining Program Round 1

We are thrilled to announce that the trading mining program will be live shortly to attract more traders to test our V3 Beta.

Trading Mining

  • Total incentive: 13650 $MCB
  • Duration — The program will start on UTC 1pm, Sep. 16th, and will last until all the incentives are depleted
  • We will rebate 50% of the transaction fees paid by traders. For instance, If you pay $10 transaction fees, you will receive $5 worth of MCB as rebate

Incentives Distribution

Distribution frequency: Daily

The daily cutoff is set at 6:00 pm UTC and users will receive their incentives between 6:00 am and 9:00 am UTC on the next day.

Price of $MCB used: TWAP price of $MCB in Uniswap V3 for the past 1 hour prior to trade

No Wash Trading

Although the rebate rate is 50%, it doesn’t mean we encourage wash trading. There is a spread in the AMM pricing, even taking the rebate into account, so opening positions and closing instantly makes no profit. Furthermore, we reserve the right to deduct the MCB reward to wash trading volumes.

Trade at your own risk

Please pay attention that both MCDEX and Arbitrum are in Beta. We have been working relentlessly to make sure that the V3 protocol stays robust after launching on the mainnet.

As both of us are released recently, we may experience some unexpected issues caused by the downtime. Users should be vigilant for the downtime in the using scenarios, which will be improved over time. Thus, we recommend you consider the risks cautiously in the early days and trade at your own risk.

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