Trading Mining — Epoch 2 is Live!

According to the approved Proposal 42: Mining Program Epoch 1–6, mining program epoch 2 is live now!


1st Nov. 2021 00:00:00 UTC ~ 14th Nov. 2021 23:59:59 UTC

Liquidity Mining

The total Reward for liquidity mining is 7000 MCB, the distribution to the pools is adjusted according to the volume/liquidity of the previous epochs. We will also distribute some rewards to some new pools to encourage diversity in the markets.

The rewards of liquidity mining are distributed per block to the LP of the AMM pools.

Mining Pools:

BSC: BUSD Pool, 6000 MCB

BSC: ETH Pool, 800 MCB

BSC: BTCB Pool, 200 MCB

Trading Mining

  • Rules: See here
  • Rewards: 63000 MCB
  • Distribution: 5 days after the end of the epoch

Mining Pools

Since this epoch, we will launch the trading mining program across all the networks. Traders can trade or stake MCB on any of the networks(BSC or Arbitrum).

The Trader Staking Scores shall be shared across the chains. Thus, the trading fee, the open interest, and the staking score shall be the sum of the scores on the chains.

Mining Pools:

BSC: BUSD Pool, ETH Pool, BTCB Pool, USX Pool

Arbitrum: USDC Pool, ETH Pool

Note: We may add more networks and pools to liquidity mining and trading mining during the epoch.

Anti Wash-trading

Two “anti-wash-trading” rules take effect in this epoch:

  1. If two trades have the same volume and execute simultaneously, we should exclude the trades from the trading mining formula.
  2. To discourage the large volume at the end of the epoch, we shall introduce a time-weight factor to the trading fee. The weight of the trading fee will decrease linearly, and at the end of the epoch, it will become 0.5.



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