We are excited to announce that TRUMP 2020 is alive now on MCDEX! TRUMP 2020, a futures contract freshly released, will expire to $1 if Donald Trump wins the 2020 US presidential general election, and $0 otherwise.

How to trade TRUMP?

Put it simple, buy/Long TRUMP when you think Donald Trump will win the 2020 election; Short/Sell when you think he will lose.

Let’s say, now the market price is $0.569.

If you think Trump will win, long @$0.569 and if he does, you will get $1 back, with 76% RoE (1–0.569)/(0.569–0);

If you think Trump will lose, short @$0.569 and if he does, you will get $1 back, with 132% RoE (0.569)/(1–0.569).

( Pricing of long / short positions, please refer to how it works )

Long/Short @$0.569

Of course, you can also profit by short-term buy / long or sell / short without waiting for the result of the election.

What does the price of TRUMP mean?

In theory, the price of TRUMP should equal to the probability that Trump wins the election. Therefore, if you think the probability of Trump win is 0.55 and when the trade price is below $0.55, you should buy/long and profit by sell/short when the price is above $0.55.


  • NO Gas Fee!

All transactions on the Ethereum network cost gas, a fee that is paid to miners in order to process the transaction.Currently, MCDEX charge no gas fees.

  • Transaction Fee

Same as every exchange, MCDEX charge transaction fee, calculated as follows:

Transaction Fee

You can find more details in references.

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