Preparation steps to get started with MCDEX


  1. A computer with Chrome browser installed.

(mobile wallet is not supported yet: <)

2. Install MetaMask wallet on Chrome. If you have a large amount of funds, better use Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet to maximize security; Follow the link to learn how to install MetaMask. If you don’t have a hardware wallet, you must keep the seed words and password carefully (copy the seed words the paper and lock it). If you lose the seed words, you will not be able to recover your wallet!

3. Transfer some ETH to the wallet.

Connect Wallet

Open in Chrome.

  1. Click the “Connect Wallet” button at the top right of the page.

2. Choose MetaMask from the dailog.

3. Confirm in the MetaMask Dialog.

Note: If you cannot find the MetaMask Dialog, click the MetaMask icon at the top right of Chrome (When you cannot find the Dialog, you could check the icon):

4. Sign the message to authenticate.

5. You wallet address will be shown on the page after you succeed in connecting the wallet.



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