MCDEX will launch Liquidity Mining on July 8th.

Earlier this week, we officially launched our decentralized perpetual contracts on Ethereum with an on-chain AMM/off-chain order book hybrid model. The most unique and innovative aspect of our ETH-PERP contract is the introduction of the AMM (Automated Market Maker), which generates the funding rate, provides on-chain liquidity, and ensures complete decentralization. The AMM acts as a money lego for smart contracts to trade with our on-chain perpetual contracts, enabling them to arbitrage, speculate, and manage their portfolios.

Thanks to our supportive community who give us feedback. We will continue to devote ourselves to our mission of making investing in DeFi more accessible. Now, it’s time for another milestone. We will enable liquidity mining on July 8th.

To put it simply, users can get MCB by providing liquidity to the AMM. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  1. The total supply for this round: 410,000 MCB
  2. 2 MCBs allocated per block
  3. Time: Start from Block Height: 10,420,000 to Block Height: 10,620,000

    (estimated on July 8 at 2 pm UTC to August 8 at 2 pm UTC. Based on the assumption that 13.1sec/block and the total supply will last for 31 days)
  4. Distribution: After every block, holders of the AMM share token will enjoy the share of the total amount.
  5. Transfer: We will airdrop MCB of last week to the users’ wallets every Monday. If less than 1 MCB needs to be transferred, then it will be postponed to next week. At the end of this round, if the total MCB needs to be paid is less than 1 MCB, it will be accrued to the next round.

For details, you can join our Telegram Group and follow MCDEX on Twitter.




Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market

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Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market

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