MCDEX will launch Liquidity Mining on July 8th.

  1. The total supply for this round: 410,000 MCB
  2. 2 MCBs allocated per block
  3. Time: Start from Block Height: 10,420,000 to Block Height: 10,620,000

    (estimated on July 8 at 2 pm UTC to August 8 at 2 pm UTC. Based on the assumption that 13.1sec/block and the total supply will last for 31 days)
  4. Distribution: After every block, holders of the AMM share token will enjoy the share of the total amount.
  5. Transfer: We will airdrop MCB of last week to the users’ wallets every Monday. If less than 1 MCB needs to be transferred, then it will be postponed to next week. At the end of this round, if the total MCB needs to be paid is less than 1 MCB, it will be accrued to the next round.



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