MCDEX V3 Testnet Liquidity Mining Tutorial

1.Switch network to kovan test network

2.Click “go to V3 testnet”

3.Log into, then submit the address of ETH in this input box.

4.Your wallet will get test ETH

Open the wallet page, the chart shows some details about ETH and USDC.

The first ETH is used to pay the GAS fee.

The second ETH is automatically sent by MCDEX, used for trading. (these ETH are only for testing)

The USDC is used for trading.

Click “mining” then find the “Liquidity Mining” and click

Put the amount then click “approve”.

After clicking “approve”, click the “add liquidity”.

After you adding liquidity, back to the mining page, click the “claim”, you can receive rewards for participating in the liquidity mining test.