MCDEX V3 is live for developers on Arbitrum Mainnet and go public soon

We are thrilled to share that we are live on Arbiturm Mainnet and will go public after testing for a couple of weeks.

We launched the testnet on Arbitrum in February and have been constantly incorporating users’ feedback since then. As of today, 2575 users have conducted over $4.2B trading volume through 180 contracts. We also have 110 operators that created their pools to contribute to the ecosystem’s liquidity.

So what exactly will MCDEX V3 offer?

Fast confirmation

The trades will be confirmed instantly, just like centralized exchanges.

Lower gas fee

Users can trade on our decentralized exchange with low network fees where gas fee will be reduced by up to 1/100 of that on Ethereum mainnet

Market Diversification

Being a fully permissionless protocol, we empower the community to create markets they require

Market-leading liquidity

MCDEX V3 is powered by the revolutionary AMM that aggregates more liquidity around the index. This way, traders will enjoy lower slippage and can enjoy more profits generated from transactions.

Up to 20x leverage

Users can trade on the protocol with up to 20x leverage depending on the asset traded

As always, we are grateful for the continuous support from the community. To thank your support, we will continue to launch a series of programs to reward and grow the community.

We are proud to be the OG project of Arbitrum, it has been a great journey so far. With Arbitrum, we are confident that we can deliver new and unique value to our users and we look forward to more success together.

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