MCDEX V3 is LIVE on Arbitrum Mainnet

We’ve been waiting for this grand launch for a while and now we are thrilled to announce that our V3 is fresh and ready on the Arbitrum mainnet!!

Fully powered by our revolutionary AMM — protocol V3 is fully permissionless with several pain-killer features:

  • Immensely lower fee
  • Market- top liquidity — For instance: In the USDC pool, you can trade 500ETH or 40BTC without any slippage with 6M liquidity
  • Faster trading experiences, on par with centralized exchanges
  • Up to 25x leverage

Having been tested on Arbitrum’s testnet for more than five months, the AMM has been working as expected. Right now, we are more confident about the performance of our protocol that was battle tested during volatile market conditions in the past several months. The development team tirelessly updated the new features on the website and fixed bugs to ensure that a user can experience an easy, smooth and trustworthy trading experience on the mainnet.

What markets are live now?

DAO will gradually add more liquidity to this pool based on the robustness of the infrastructure, using the funds that have been raised.


Since we are still developing new functions to cultivate the best user experience, we hope that users can promptly report any unexpected behavior occurring on the platform to our core team.

As these are the early released software, the security feature needs to have a prolonged intense look for the time being. We will focus on steadiness and upgradability to ensure that the platform stays robust and secured. But in the early days, users should be vigilant for the downtime in the using scenarios, which will improve over time. Thus, we recommend you consider the risks cautiously in the early days.

The general process to access

Phase 1- Whitelisted Phase

We need to test in the real environment for a while since the bridge to arbitrum mainnet is just ready. Interested participants — please apply using the link here. The whitelisted participants will have access to our MCDEX v3 mainnet.

Phase 2 — General Public Phase

Upon the agility of the protocol and readiness for more users, it will be open to the general public. Liquidity mining programs will start in this phase.

Will you disrupt or be disrupted? Our fully permissionless feature will allow every user to trade on perpetual markets without the risk of suspension. The team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to build a superior product and we warmly welcome the users to try out our newly improved protocol.

Experience the fully permissionless perpetual swap exchange today!