MCDEX Update — Jan. 2022

Hey Maczombies, It’s been a while. MCDEX V3 has been launched for 4 months on Arbitrum and BSC; during the runtime, we have witnessed various significant milestones:

  1. Product cumulative trading volume reached $7.2B
  2. More than 5000 traders used the product
  3. DAO treasury incremental revenue reached $2.6M
  4. The successful launch of trading mining program epoch 0–7

The highlights above are uplifting; however, we have likewise identified room for improvements in the product mechanisms and MCB tokenomics, which caused trading volume to decrease, unstable trading experience, and showed a lack of resistance toward token selling pressure.

The learnings we accumulated from V3 guided us to envision and design a more self-sustainable and user-friendly product, which will turn into MCDEX V4. The MCDEX team has started planning and developing V4 since November 2021; after staying in a semi-stealth mode for over two months, here are some high-level sneak peek for what we are looking forward to:

Core Features Improvement

  1. Multi-Collateral: More collateral assets approved by MCDEX governance will be allowed for trading in the initial release of V4.
  2. Cross-Margin: To better improve the trading experiences by allowing users to utilize full amount of funds
  3. Lower Slippage
  4. Multichain Deployment: we are currently in talks with the major L1 chains on an upcoming multichain deployment

UX Improvement

  1. Increase traders’ capital efficiency by allowing at least up to 30x leverage
  2. Simplify trading interface: the current trading UX is similar to centralized experiences.

Tokennomics Improvement

  1. Token Utility. Currently MCB is only a governance token. We are planning to add more utilities to benefit our token holders.
  2. Introducing veMCB by leveraging ve and ve(3,3) model

Next Steps

The details of the tokenomics will be released when closer to the V4 launch. The timeline of V4 is still in evaluation and will share with the community once it’s clear asap.

Thank you all for the great support during the ride. We will keep building and shipping.




Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market

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Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market

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