MCDEX Share & RT Campaign Update

We are delighted to see the community's enthusiasm for this Share and Retweet campaign! Based on the feedback we’ve received so far, we would like to clarify on several matters:

The gas fee can be saved up to 100x.

  1. Please make sure that you retweet our original tweet instead of just leaving the screenshot and your address.

Below is an example of what the screenshot should look like. Please pay close attention to the circled part as it fulfills the requirement of “ your position screenshot”.

2. your tweet must have been existed for more than 3 months, which means that you join twitter in Feb 2021 and before. Please notify that if you join twitter in March 2021, that doesn’t qualify for this criteria.

3. We have identified that there are some hunters (e.g. having the same profile picture) submitting more than 1 claim. Hunters are not welcome and please do not submit multiple claims.

We have filtered the screenshots we have received and you can find the updated list of $MCB reward receivers here! We look forward to your continuous support to this campaign :)

Feel free to DM @Lee_MCDEX via Telegram if you have any questions regarding the campaign.


  1. When the airdrop can be distributed?

A: We are currently on the private mainnet of Arbitrum. Now only whitelisted investors have access to the mainnet. We will be able to deliever the airdrop when mainnet is public to users. We don’t have an ETA yet, but will definitely keep the community posted once we have a specific date.

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