MCDEX Monthly Newsletter (July — August)

Community Management

  1. The Founder Reveals Why Isolated Margin Instead of Cross Margin.

On the Discord community’s chat, the founder had discussions with the members and answered questions related to margin accounts in the perpetual swap and how the DAO protocol can meet various regulation requests. As the MCDEX protocol brings permissionless features, anyone can create any perpetual swaps at different risk levels. Thus isolated margin can mitigate the risk level as each trader owns an independent margin account, and PNL won’t affect other margin accounts.

Find the discussion here.

2. Distributed the Rewards of Two Campaign “Recommend & Retweet” MCDEX to Friends

The team performed two campaigns intending to promote the MCDEX ecosystems. We published the lists and distributed the token to the participants who recommended MCDEX to their friends. The participants had to complete some assigned tasks to claim the reward.

Read more about this campaign on Medium. Community discussion about token distribution on Telegram.

3. The Co-founder had AMA Sessions with CryptoDiffer

Jean Miao introduced the MCDEX platform, how we are differentiating from the core competitors in the derivative space.

Read the chat from this link.

Developer Team

4. Regular Updates in Fixing Bugs and Enhancement from Dev.

The development team tirelessly provides regular updates on the website, features, buttons, icons, fixing bugs, pool page, DAO page. The marketing team publishes all the updates to the public on Twitter.

Have a look at the new website.

Partnership and Collaboration

5. MCDEX Joined the Event in Hangzhou City

The founder joined the Multicoin Capital’s friends event in Hangzhou. He introduced the MCDEX platform to the audiences. More than 10 different projects also joined the event to deliver speeches.

See details here.

6. MCDEX Project was Recommended by CryptoBooster

CryptoBooster listed and tweeted our DEX as the MultiChain Star of the week.

7. Podcast Session Notes with Tom Shaughnessy Published by the jteam.

jteam shared Delphi Digital’s podcast sessions with Jean Miao. The extensive conversations captured how the product V3 can significantly lower the gas fee and build perpetual markets without permission.

Read here.

8. MCDEX UI Drew Attention to Reddit

It’s time to know why Arbitrum’s layer-2 solutions. The Reddit team will test the scaling network before migrating to the Ethereum mainnet, and choose our platform as an example.

9. The Team Attended Smart Contract Summit (Aug 5–7)

The BD team attended and delivered a speech at the ChainLink’s summit. This event is one of the largest smart contract events of the year with leading speakers and projects across Defi, the NFT economy, and larger blockchain players.

10. Participating Hackathon Event

The team was in the Hackathon event with IOSG Ventures & Chainlink Labs. The event demonstrated the layer-2 solution and other innovative projects.

See more here.

11. Mai V3 Protocol Audited by Quantstamp

The summary indicates that the code is well-written and with sufficient documentation and has an extensive testing suite.

A total of 9 Issues were found, and 5 issues have been resolved.

High Risk Issues 0 (0 Resolved), Medium Risk Issues 2 (0 Resolved), Low Risk Issues 4 (2 Resolved), Informational Risk Issues 2 (2 Resolved), Undetermined Risk Issues 1 (1 Resolved).

Read the full audit report here.

12. Updates on V3, Likely to Go Live in August

Recent updates from Arbitrum, the platform is more confident to go live by August that will enable the Ethereum community to interact with the dApps with reduced cost and ultra-fast response times.

Excited to announce that Along with Arbitrum, MCDEX V3 will go live on the 1st day.



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