MCDEX Monthly Newsletter August-September

MCDEX brings the most exciting news in this newsletter for the community. You can get insights into the whole month’s activity that includes new product V3 launch, liquidity mining news, partnership and collaboration, proposals, active community discussions, and announcement of trading mining program.

New Product Launch

The Product V3 Went Live on Sep 1

The widely discussed product V3 finally went live with Arbitrum on the first day. The product has some unique features that immensely lower the fee, top market liquidity, faster trading experience, and up to 15x leverage system. Find more details here.

V3 Announcement is on Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Cision, Market Watch Page

As you are aware, it’s the hottest news, and MCDEX’s new product launch announcement also took place on several media’s official pages.

Yahoo Finance: Click here, Benzinga: Click here, Cision: Click here, MarketWatch: Click here

Partnership and Collaboration

Co-founder of MCDEX Attended the Podcast Session with CoinGecko

In this session, Jean Miao highlighted the major difference between products V2 & V3, trading fees, APY, leverage on perpetual trade, how liquidations work on MCDEX, the reason to choose Arbitrum, the difference between the competitors, and upcoming plans. Sounds interesting to you? Click here to read the full details.

MCDEX Partnered With NYC Fintech Women

NYC Fintech Women is a FinTech farm to empower women to advance their careers in FinTech partnered with MCDEX. The business development team delivered a video speech, explaining what crypto derivatives are, what are the underlying assets, the advantages and disadvantages of AMM, and what is a decentralized exchange. Check the video about derivatives here, video about the decentralized exchange here, video about advantages and disadvantages of AMM here.

Jean Miao Attended A Session Hosted by Agne K From DeGate Project

The co-founder discussed the future of the derivatives and defi, the importance of the layer-2 technology for derivative projects, incubator programs, and the team’s long-term visions. Read the full discussion here.

The Team Attended A Discussion with Cointelegraph China

The BD team discussed the topic of why defi needs layer-2 solutions and shared thoughts. Find the full discussion here.

$MCB is Available on Platform, DefiLlama, and nomics

From now on, coin $MCB can be found on several new platforms. Check the announcement of here. Check the news of DefiLlama here, nomics here.

Partnering With CelerNetwork to Bridge Assets

MCDEX created a partnership with CelerNetwork to bridge the assets from layer-1 chain to our protocol on Arbitrum rollup with lower cost and latency. Read full details in this blog.

Community Discussion

All the most exciting updates like — the AMA sessions with OKEx, liquidity mining rewards, coin listing, legal opinion, co-liquidity mining, collaboration with several projects you can read below.

AMA Session: Team MCDEX Attended the AMA Session at OKEx

The AMA session highlighted the project by explaining how it creates market diversification, differentiating from competitors, oracle price data, advantages of the token, how composability will be the future for defi, and so on. Read the full details here.

Proposal 30: Increase the Liquidity Mining Rewards to 0.45MCB Per Block

Read the full proposal here.

Proposal 31: MCDEX Foundation Proposed for A Legal Opinion

The foundation set a $30K budget to hear the legal opinion from a lawyer to assist to grant compliance or objections on the classification of the product to not violate the regulation. Read full details here.

Proposal 32: Collaboration With Agency to Work on Potential Coinbase Listing

This proposal was aimed to be approved by the community to work with an agency to work on a potential listing on Coinbase in the future. Read more here.

Proposal 34: Collaboration With Balancer on Liquidity Mining

As Balancer has also launched on Arbitrum, this collaborative proposal with Balancer to increase the liquidity of $MCB on Arbitrum. It is a co-liquidity mining program, starting September 20 September. Read full details here.

Proposal 35: Collaboration With DODO

This proposal is to collaborate with DODO to increase the liquidity of $MCB on Arbitrum. This co-liquidity mining program started on September 15. Read more here.

Voting for V3 to Deploy on DeBankDefi Protocol

Check the voting details here

Plan of Testing V3 by Whitelisted Users

You can read about how the team planned for the new product-v3 for the whitelisted users in the first several days here. The team received more than 3000 applications to be the whitelisted users. On September 8, the trading volume exceeded $3.2M of the whitelisted phase in just 24h.

Bug Fixing and Updates from Developing Team

You can find what are the new features added on the website here.


Trading Mining Program with a 200% Trading Fee Rebate

The trading mining program started on September 16 and will last until incentives are depleted. In this program, the trader will get paid 200% of transaction fees. Buckle up and have a look at the details here.



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