MCDEX is Here to Share the Monthly Newsletter (June — July)

Check out all the exciting news and what happened during the time.

Community Management

Key takeaways — An update on when the new product will launch?

Since February, the team has been waiting for the Arbitrum to be prepared. We still believe it worth waiting instead of launching on another chain mainly because of the three following reasons:

👉 The instant confirmation — provided by Arbitrium, is a unique advantage that no other solutions can provide. It immensely improves the user experiences so that our UX is on par with CEX.

👉 From the performance perspective, Defi traders prefer staying instead of moving to BSC since the large funds need to process KYC.

👉 Social legality — launching on Arbitrum can help in this area, where others don’t have better social legality than the Arb.

Besides Arbitrum, we are also focusing on improving the Product Iteration, Improvement of the AMM Model, Marketing Perspective, Ecosystem Boosting, etc.

Find more AMA discussion details here and see how the community can help to grow.

Besides this English session, MCDEX held another AMA season in the Chinese language for the community members in China.

2. Jean Miao had a Discussion Session with “The Delphi Podcast” on June 25.

During the discussion, the co-founder shared the concept of the entire product protocol from V2 to V3. The trends on how the decentralized perps are overtaking the centralized perps. The discussion reveals differences between V2 and V3, MCDEX overview, competition, token, limit orders, the benefit of the permissionless protocol, and so on.

This podcast was sponsored by Cosmos, which is the internet BlockChain service company.

Read more details here.

3. CryptoDiffer Hosted an AMA Session with MCDEX

On 19th of July, MCDEX held another AMA session hosted by CryptoDiffer. The reward pool for the best question was $100 in MCB.

Find more details here.

Partnership and Collaboration

In this seminar, developers and investors shared their thoughts on the ethereum layer-2 solution.

Get more insights at this seminar here.

5. Diamond Hand Campaign — A Campaign Launched by MCDEX & Project Galaxy.

MCDEX created a partnership with Project Galaxy. The Project Galaxy platform builds a permissionless infrastructure that powers on-chain credentials with plug-and-play NFT modules.

Read more here.

6. MCDEX is Currently One of the Top-ranked Projects on CoinRankApp by Dev Rank.

We are in the analytical news on CoinRankApp, and in June alone $MCB had been updated 94 times.

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7. Now MCDEX NFT Store is Available on OpenSea.

MCDEX created the NFT store on the OpenSea platform. Now you can find all your favorite Maczombie&Pizza tokens here.

Governance Program

We at MCDEX made another proposal to increase the global influence among crypto lovers. The proposal number 28 has passed. The vote ended on July-14.

Read more here.

Company’s Story

The CEO of the MCDEX shared an extensive story and thought behind the MonteCarloDEX. In this series, you can find the very beginning insights behind developing the MCDEX which was inspired by mining. He firmly believes that there is sufficient demand in the Defi market.

Read the full story here.

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