MCDEX Delivery Airdrop

We’ve achieved several milestones during the last month and now it’s time to drive new growth! We are thrilled to announce the MCDEX Delivery Airdrop Plan!


During the campaign, the first 200 eligible users who open a position of more than $500 on MCDEX BSC, can claim $50 rewards each. First trade, first claim.


The campaign will take place between Nov. 03, 2021 0:00 UTC and Nov. 10, 2021 0:00 UTC.

Who is eligible:

Addresses are pre-selected. We’ve curated a list from the qualified addresses that meet the criteria below:

  1. The address made its first transaction on top BSC DEX at least one week before Oct. 31st 12:00 PM UTC

Check eligible addresses here.

The eligible addresses are some of addresses that meet the criteria above. If the first round generates positive results, there will be more rounds of Airdrop in the future with broader address lists.


We will distribute the reward to addresses directly before November 17th