MCDEX Announces The Closing of its First Round of Funding

We are thrilled to announce that MCDEX has closed the first funding round from several renowned influencers and key stakeholders of the industry, including Arthur ( DeFiance Capital ), Qiao Wang, DeFi Dad, Daryl Lau, Tarun and Robert Leshner ( Robot Venture), Mariano Conti, Etienne ( TRG Capital ), 株式会社 Incuba Alpha and a few more from the DeFi community including Yang Mindao ( Founder of dForce ), David Lei ( Fortube CEO ), Zhang Yuanjie( Conflux Cofounder ), Steve Guo ( Loopring CTO ), Lei Mingda ( DODO Founder).

MCDEX has been dedicated to bringing perpetual contracts to the DeFi space along with providing a top-notch trading experience for traders. We are excited to be a part of the DeFi revolution and proud that we have such an amazing group of supporters. This is just the beginning. We strive to give our community the experience they deserve. The team has decided to lock the team tokens since the beginning of September for 6 months.

Here is our road map for the next several months:

  • Launch eUSD
  • Launch MC-Fund
  • Complete the development of MCDEX V3

Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market