MCDEX Announces Strategic Partnership with INDEXED Finance to Diversify the Mutual Ecosystem

MCDEX is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Indexed Finance, a project focused on the development of passive portfolio management strategies for the Ethereum network. In the near future, the two projects will work together to diversify and develop our mutual ecosystem. One of the initial steps would be adding the indices such as the DEFI5 (Defi Top 5 Index) to our MCDEX DAO pool. As we are already experimenting with it on our testnet, it benefits both communities as it is a derivatives market use case for the indices as well as an interesting market on MCDEX. This is also a great chance for the communities to get familiar with both ecosystems. The permissionless nature of MCDEX V3 leads to a spontaneous market diversification formulated by the community itself. The top-tier capital efficiency and deep liquidity native to the MCDEX V3 AMM along with the wonderful indices from Indexed Finance combine into an enthusiastic celebration of our autonomous user body. Get excited about the upcoming magical gig!

About INDEXED Finance

Indexed Finance is a protocol for passive portfolio management strategies on Ethereum. It currently has 7 indices offering investors passive exposure to various market sectors such as DeFi, NFT marketplaces, Oracles, and DeFi small caps. In Indexed V1, tokens are held in AMM pools which rebalance and re-weight completely autonomously through on-chain processes. No fund managers involved in the process whatsoever.
Indexed V2 will add a second portfolio structure to the Indexed arsenal, which will make it possible to use the underlying tokens for yield farming.


Mai Protocol V3 designed by MCDEX is an AMM-based decentralized perpetual swap protocol. Perpetual swap is one of the most popular derivatives that have no expiration date, supports margin trading, and have its price soft pegged to index price. We have designed an AMM especially for perpetual trading and it is able to reach 1000x Uniswap’s constant product formula capital efficiency. Furthermore, anyone can create their own perpetual market with the price feed of the underlying asset and choose any ERC20 as collateral. Especially, certain real-world markets are encouraged and will potentially be incentivized on MCDEX V3. Please check out the BigMac Program for specific info. At last, anyone can trade perpetual swaps permissionlessly. Traders’ assets are in the smart contract in a noncustodial way and the process of trading is conducted on-chain completely.

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Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market

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Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market