MCB Vesting Suspended For 6 Months For Team and Early Investor Tokens

MCDEX V2, since inception, has received tons of feedback and suggestions, which makes us believes that the future of MCDEX is propitious — As an ambitious and experienced team, we are on our way to build a decentralized Bitmex. It’s a long way to go, but we are confident and determined we’ll make it through.

Today, we announce that — the 25% MCB token share for the team and early investors, which has been vesting linearly, the vesting of which is now suspended for 6 months starting September 1st, 2020.

Our token metrics reveal that 25 million MCB tokens have been allocated for the team and early investors. As of now, 1 million MCB tokens have been released. This release will be paused for the next 6 months. The release of tokens will resume on March 1st, 2021.

Here is the MCB in circulation chart -

Reduction in Circulation on account of vesting suspension for 6 months

The Foundation tokens have been excluded from the chart. It will be less than $200k in the next 6 months, only to cover audit fees.

MCB total supply — 100M. Have a look at the MCB distribution -

25% for team and early investors, 2.25% linearly vesting for 2 years, 22.75% linearly vesting for 4 years.

25% for MCDEX Foundation to cover operation cost.

50% for User incentive, including liquidiy mining, etc.

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