Invitation to Tender: Oracle for MCDEX DAO Pool


We are about to launch MCDEX V3 on Arbitrum rollup. The permissionless nature of our protocol shifts the power of flourishing the ecosystem to our dear community. The liquidity pools and perpetual markets are run by `operators’, who are the creators and managers of perpetual markets, and the market could be anything with an index. Therefore, a price feed is required. Operators are in charge of finding and choosing an appropriate oracle for their market.

Approved by the community in proposal 21, The MCDEX foundation will lead the process of searching for and integrating an oracle for the pool operated by MCDEX DAO.

The MCDEX DAO will create and operate a USDC pool. Initially, we will have mainstream markets like ETH and BTC and gradually expand to other assets through the governance of the DAO. Thus, we are initiating the first round of tender. The subsequent tender will come up when we plan to add new markets to the DAO pool.

Purpose of Tender


1st round Oracle tender: ETH and BTC price

Oracle providers should obtain the data from multiple sources in a decentralized way, and provide it on the Arbitrum mainnet.

Minimum Requirements:

Deviation should be less than or equal to 0.05%

Data should come from no less than 3 major liquidity sources (DEX/CEX)

Availability: 99.99% (availability refers to the value of available time in service divided by overall service time)

Oracle should be decentralized enough such that the provider has more than or equal to 10 nodes.


Oracle Providers are required to submit a tender via email to before June 5th with the following information to be included:

*Please indicate if there is any information that is confidential


During the tender process, the MCDEX foundation will lead the review and evaluation of the submissions and announce the winners of the tender.

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