Introducing Incentive Programs for Pools Created by Community

Since mainnet launch in September both on Arbitrum and BSC, we have achieved several milestones regarding trading volume and TVL. Now we are very excited to heat things up by introducing incentives for pools created by community. To encourage more markets, we will allocate both liquidity and trading incentives for selected markets!

We are super proud to be a fully permissionless protocol for perpetual swaps, that being said, anyone can create any market on MCDEX. Community will be the key pillar for MCDEX to achieve growth and success.

How to get started

1.Create the pool on MCDEX

The creation of the market involves 4 steps:

a. Choose the collateral and underlying asset

b. Choose a proper oracle

c. Set contract parametres

d. Set risk parametres

We suggest creating the inverse contract of the token, for example, USD — MCB is an inverse contract that uses MCB as collateral to long/short MCB.

2. Contact us via our community we will evaluate the pool & operation plan

3. Incentive will be allocated if selected

How to incentivise

1.Liquidity Incentives

If selected, a certain amount of incentives will be allocated to the pool.

2. Trading Incentives

If selected, the trading volume of this pool can join the ongoing trading mining program.

Please notify that the spot market of the token should be liquid to avoid manipulation. As such, a key requirement of the token is that market cap should be larger than $10M.

Let’s turn up the heat maczombies!

And we are about to launch more programs to boost the ecosystem! Stay tuned!

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