Hot and fresh! MCDEX V3 beta test is officially out! Please follow the steps below to play around with the platform.

Go to, click on go to V3 Testnet, connect wallet, and change your network to Kovan testnet. Test coin will be automatically distributed to your wallet. V3 currently supports an isolated margin system, so there are two steps you will need to complete in order to trade: to deposit and to place the order. Whenever you go to a new market, you need to deposit first to trade.

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wallets that currently support

Let’s begin with choosing your trading pair…how does ETH-USDC sound?

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Although MCDEX V3 will apply a multi-chain deployment strategy in order to better serve more communities over various ecosystems, Ethereum is still the central focus. However, both the skyrocketing gas fee and the heavy congestion of Ethereum L1 are hindering a smooth user experience of the platform. We are rigorously searching for an appropriate L2 solution due to the following reasons:

- Decrease Gas Fees: Due to the complexity of perpetual swap trading, the gas fee of perpetuals on MCDEX is approximately 5 times higher than that of a typical spot trading (e.g. Uniswap) transaction. …

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As dramatic as 2020 had been, a bullish market has lightened up a bright gateway to the 2021 version of this beloved crypto world. While we are rolling up our sleeves for the launch of MCDEX V3, we would like to take a moment to map out MCDEX’s footprints in the past year of stepping forward together with all our dearest friends in the community.

We would like to thank you all for staying with MCDEX and witnessing these incredible events in the past year. …

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to maximize the potential of derivatives!

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We’ve been relentlessly working on MCDEX V3 (white paper referred to here). Mai Protocol V3 is an AMM-based decentralized perpetual swap protocol. The goal is to allow ANYONE to create and trade ANY perpetual swap. Permissionless is the key feature of this protocol, which can empower the whole community to contribute to the MCDEX ecosystem — anyone can create any perpetual market of on-chain or off-chain synthetic assets.

“The high Ethereum gas fee and inefficiency has severely constrained the development of the…

MCDEX is thrilled to announce its testnet launch on Arbitrum Rollup, a layer two optimistic rollup scalability solution for Ethereum built by Offchain Labs! Try it now!

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The migration of DeFi protocols to Ethereum L2 will be the real battlefield of derivatives in the DeFi space. Once built on Ethereum L2, perpetual swaps, the most popular way of trading cryptocurrencies, will be able to realize their full potential. The launch of MCDEX on Arbitrum is revolutionary and we are excited to launch our testnet on Arbitrum Rollup, which we chose for its visible product readiness and its smooth and developer-friendly…

Liu Jie, our CEO, believes that the high Ethereum gas fee has severely constrained the development of the MCDEX decentralized perpetual swaps. While MCDEX is actively exploring L2 rollup plans, we are also looking for other plausible public chains. In Liu Jie’s opinion, there are several essential aspects that DeFi developers need to pay attention to — speed and fee, asset size and diversity, the compatibility across the public chain and Ethereum EVM, and the cost for user migration across chains.

Zora: Welcome to today’s “Blockchain 101”. We invited Liu Jie From MCDEX to talk about what DeFi participants can…

Rules for Round HAN

  1. Round HAN will last from Sep 26 to Nov 28, starting from Block: 10,932,500 to 11,342,499, right after the current Round QIN.
  2. 0.2 MCB / Block, Total supply for Round HAN: 41,000 MCB.
  3. 0.2 MCB / Block will reward MCB liquidity providers on Uniswap. The allocation of rewards will be based on the number of MCB across two pools. (MCB/ETH and MCB/USDC)
  4. AMM POOL rewards have been suspended

Distribution: After every block, holders of the Uniswap token share will enjoy the share of the total amount.

Transfer: Every Monday. Sometimes because of high gas, MCB will be transferred with a threshold.

Connecting Your Metamask Wallet to MCDEX

Metamask Wallet —

Adding Liquidity to the AMM on MCDEX

Add Liquidity to ETH-PERP AMM —

Add Liquidity to LINK-PERP AMM —

Add Liquidity to SNX-PERP AMM —

Add Liquidity to COMP-PERP AMM —

Add Liquidity to LEND-PERP AMM —

Trading Against The AMM on MCDEX

Get Started —

Adding Liquidity on Uniswap (MCB/ETH)

Get Started —

Trading the TRUMP Futures Contract

TRUMP Futures Contract on MCDEX —


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Telegram —

Discord —

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The last two weeks were mesmerizing. In this fifth bi-weekly report, we throw light on what happened at MCDEX in the past two weeks, the plans, discussions, campaigns, community engagements, and much more!

To give you a brief recap, our fourth bi-weekly report focused on The MCB Foundation, High Gas Fees, discussion for round ZHOU of liquidity mining, LINK-PERP launch, Voting on Proposals and Rules for Round ZHOU, MCB Chart-Art Competition & Memes Contest, Increase in the rate of Liquidation Penalty, the launch of MCDEX YouTube channel, welcoming DeFi Pulse to community governance, 300% mining efficiency, discussion on rewarding traders…

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Rules for Round Qin

  1. Round Qin will last for 18 days (estimated: Sep 10 to Sep 27), starting from Block: 10,830,000 to 10,932,499, right after the current Round ZHOU.
  2. 0.2 MCB / Block, Total supply for Round Qin: 36,340 MCB.
  3. 0.1 MCB / Block will reward LPs who provide liquidity on MCDEX AMM (50% of total supply for Round Qin). 0.1 MCB / Block will reward MCB liquidity providers on Uniswap, MCB/ETH pair (50% of total supply for Round Qin).
  4. AMM POOL reward is distributed according to the following proportion:
    ETH PERP pool share 80% of 0.1MCB/BLOCK, 20% of 0.1MCB/BLOCK …

MonteCarlo DEX

Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - $ETH $LINK $SNX $COMP $LEND

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