As the MCDEX ecosystem expands, we would like to invite more talented ones to join this magical journey. Please reach out to us if you are interested in the positions listed below. If you would like to join our maczombie squad, yet your skillsets do not fit in these two roles, we still welcome your self-pitch! MCDEX is waiting for YOU to show us what you’ve got.

Senior Backend R&D Engineer

  1. Responsible for developing back-end server programs for blockchain projects.
  2. Responsible for developing DApp smart contracts.
  3. Research the development of blockchain technology, continuously innovate to improve the performance of the blockchain system.
  1. More than…

MCDEX creates a subgraph on The Graph’s hosted service to monitor related new blocks and generate backend data for trading activities. The Graph adds immense value for our development and operation productivity through query support using GraphQL and subgraphs. Subgraphs are open APIs that provide access to on-chain data.

This article elaborates on how the hosted service by The Graph is utilized in our developer’s routine work for MCDEX and why we choose to stick with The Graph throughout our workflow.

For those who are interested in querying data about MCDEX V3 perpetuals, this article also provides a tutorial on…


Community sale is enjoying the same term as institutional investors.

Total size — $1M

Page link:

Not under a “first-come, first-served” rule. If the subscription is over $1M, the size for each one will decrease proportionally.

For example, if you subscribe $5000, and the total subscription size is $2M, which doubles the cap, you will finally subscribe to $2500.

Step-by-step tutorials

There is no subscription max, and you can subscribe as many times as you would like during this period. Please note that users are unable to unstake in this period.

· Step 1

Go to:

Please read the release rules…

Since the launch of the MCDEX V3 testnet, it has been our pleasure to see discussions around various aspects of the product. Inspired by our fellow community members who have given us feedback from multiple perspectives, we would like to officially initiate this bounty program to encourage more valuable opinions regarding MCDEX V3 UX. Any suggestion is welcomed! The dev team will evaluate and select the reasonable ones to receive a reward.

  1. Please send your identified problem or general opinion to
  2. The specific range includes but is not limited to UX design.
  3. Bounty will last until the middle of…

Please make sure you contact us in discord #Hummingbot bounty channel or directly reach us at telegram handle @Lee_MCDEX. Anyone interested in this bounty must be approved beforehand.

The bounty program is established for the development of arbitrage strategy between MCDEX and other exchanges.

MCDEX is calling for developers to produce arbitrage strategies based on MCDEX perpetual swaps. This arbitrage strategy is designed based on elements including but not limited to the funding rate, cash and carry trade, and spread.

1.The coding must be based on Hummingbot (you can find the MCDEX connector here)

2.In order for your work to…

Crypto derivatives have been a hot topic this year. Mainstream investment institutions are accelerating the layout of this field. In the first installment of this column, we’ll talk to McDex, the trailblazer of the crypto derivatives market.

MCDEX, an early adopter of decentralized perpetual contracts, recently announced an update to the V3 along with the move to Layer2. …

To create a decentralized perpetual swap protocol that is widely accessible with low barrier to entry and the highest degree of security, it is critical to use a fully decentralized oracle solution that has capacity to provide real-time price updates at precise update intervals without compromising security or having any centralized layers.

We are proud to strategically partner with Band Protocol, the emerging leader of scalable decentralized oracles on all leading blockchain platforms on L1 and L2, to support the launch of MCDEX V3. Our team has worked with Band Protocol to create a highly accurate and robust price feed…

Initiative for encouraging real-world markets

Beyond providing our LPs and traders a carefully constructed product with superb capital efficiency and smooth trading experience, a key objective of MCDEX V3 is to empower anyone to create any market in a permissionless way. While certain assets are popular in markets off the chain, MCDEX V3 aims to agglomerate the power of our community to create more perpetual contracts for these hotcakes. The results of this attempt will benefit all DeFi participants as everyone will be able to trade perpetual contracts of popular assets (or anything at all) on MCDEX V3!

Market Categories — Bring real-world markets to the crypto wonderland!

-Precious metals: gold, silver, copper, platinum…


Hot and fresh! MCDEX V3 beta test is officially out! Please follow the steps below to play around with the platform.

Go to, click on go to V3 Testnet, connect wallet, and change your network to Kovan testnet. Test coin will be automatically distributed to your wallet. V3 currently supports an isolated margin system, so there are two steps you will need to complete in order to trade: to deposit and to place the order. Whenever you go to a new market, you need to deposit first to trade.

wallets that currently support

Let’s begin with choosing your trading pair…how does ETH-USDC sound?

MonteCarlo DEX

Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market

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